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Today I am going to share with you a story of an obedient girl brought up with traditional Asian values, such as respecting elders, helping out the family as and when required. To show your siblings a disciplined lifestyle which they can look up to and follow. And if you're the eldest- being the best at everything is expected! So from a young age, at the weekends you either looked after your younger siblings or helped out at the family business.

My name is Mehak Naheem I am the eldest of 5 children. The story being shared with you is 100% genuine and real coming straight from the horse's mouth. The reason I share this with you is so that you can follow my journey, see the obstacles I had to face and the hardship I suffered because I had belief in something, wanting it so bad!

A few years ago having worked in the corporate world and realising I was getting nowhere fast, I decided to take control of my future. You see previous to this I had been a hard working individual, I left school in 5th year and went straight to University. While all my friends stayed on for their last year in school, enjoying the privileges given to the elder kids, I was more concerned about getting on with my education by starting an Accounting degree. 

During my studies I helped out at my family's business on weekends and worked in the evenings as a sales advisor at a call centre. It was pretty tough, I had no time for myself due to the commitments but I thought my life would get easier after my graduation. When my degree had completed I started my first 'proper' job as a Finance Assistant. Whilst working I remember thinking that the role did not have much relevance to my degree and that almost anyone could have carried it out. I thought my skills are going to waste, so I searched for another position hoping my talent would be recognised. Company to company I was doing the same sort of tasks, I soon realised that the pay wasn't great and I hated having to report to someone.

Even then I knew that one day I would be in a much better position than my seniors.

The work was very monotonous and repetitive. I had had so much drive and enthusiasm about my future but this was just so demotivating! I dreaded having to get up every morning for the same routine. The hour long drive to work, pretending I was satisified with my job - I had been applying around the job market for suitable positions with better pay but they all wanted more experience or qualifications. Having left my studies for a while I did not want to go back and experience would take time to build. 
I knew that there was an entrepreneurial trait in me, coming from a business-minded family, having studied in the Business field, despising orders at work from colleagues and thinking of how to earn more money! 

One day I was talking to a friend of mine who had been working in the same job for a lot longer than I had been working and she mentioned that her salary was a lot less than mine... I thought that switching jobs quite often had paid off for me but I was still nowhere near the success I had imagined. I had many ideas to open up my own businesses but I didn't have the required capital and I didn't want to ask my family (I am a very independent person). Everyone I talked to about my ideas said it was very risky and that they wouldn't recommend it as I had no experience of the industry.

So I started searching online for businesses with low start up costs and came across a system which seemed too good to be true! I thought to myself that if this is possible, 'why does no one know about it?' and more importantly, 'Why didn't I know about this earlier?'

This is how I started my online career, I bought into many different programmes when I first started, this made me lose a lot of money because they all added up and I got no return. Naively I thought that the systems were scams so I researched about them online till I realised that it wasn't the programme that was a problem - it was me! I figured that my whole approach was wrong and I didn't have a clue about the industry. So I followed what other people were doing, although this did make me some money here and there but nowhere near my goals.

From my cramped bedroom I worked away for hours on end. Sometimes staying up till 7am doing the same things again and again wanting different results!

I had probably tried every marketing technique under the sun but getting nowhere fast, I made money
here and there but nothing significant. At this point I had quit my job but had no regular income. To top things further, my family gave me no support. They said I was silly for being sucked into online scams and threw away a great career opportunity for nothing. I was at rock bottom, had never felt so frustrated and so stressed. I was literally living off my credit cards and juggling the little money around that I did have. When I went out shopping I never bought anything because I simply couldn't afford it.
Everytime someone laughed at me or told me to get a job it gave me motivation to do even better than I had planned so I can show them what the potential of the internet can achieve. I used to look around at success stories online and this fuelled me futher, they were just ordinary people and I thought 'if they can do that so can I'.

What kept me going was my belief. I knew it was possible to make so much money online and all automated, I don't think I have heard of anyone successful who puts in as much effort as I do. There are people making thousands online every single day, I have to be one of them! So I continued to educate myself, studying personal development and more about the online marketing industry. The more that I studied, the closer I was to success. The peices of the puzzle seemed to be fitting nicely, slowly I started to realise where I was going wrong and started seeing results. There was no secret method that I started using and saw results, I simply had to change my business model and treat my business like a business.

Instead of trying to make money I started using my skills and knowledge which I had gained to help people instead. That is truely what I love doing, to give people all the latest techniques and tactics which I learn and this built my authority. I work with my team members on a 1-2-1 basis coaching them with exactly what I do so they too can achieve success. It truely gives me a sense of fulfillment knowing I can help people all over the world live a better lifestyle. Till this day my education doesn't stop, it is important to continue to learn in order for you to grow as a person too.

To help people all over the world earn a honest and ethical income online is now my mission. I have come across many scams and lost my hard earned money through many 'get rich quick schemes', there is no worse feeling than being heavily in debt and working harder not smarter. Since then, I have learned from my mistakes and invested in myself. Now I pass on my knowledge to all team members, so they too can enjoy the same opportunity to have time and financial freedom which I currently enjoy. It wasn't easy but with the right approach I sincerely believe ANYONE can achieve ANYTHING they want in life.

Being a Capricorn, I think of crazy ideas and jump into things. It's part of my personality, there's people who think and think but I just go for it and I'm glad I did. I thought if it doesn't work out at least I tried!

I was the sort of person who didn't see the point in Facebook, but now that I know it's the second biggest website in the world, it's one of my best channels to make money using the internet. My first few videos online had to be shot about 100 times before they went up and I still wasn't happy with them but it was a start. But that's just part of the learning curve.

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I won't share, rent, sell, trade or in any other way provide your information to outside parties

 POSSIBLE CAREERS...  From a very young age I started thinking of how to make the family business more efficient. Seeing my dad work 365 days a year hurt. It affected his health very badly and I was determined I would not end up like him. I wanted to set up a business by leveraging my resources so that I could help my family live a better life. 

I also take an interest in playing music such as the keyboard, violin and recorder. I was also part of the school orchestra till the age of 12. I have been offered many modelling
contracts over the years and no matter how fun it sounds, at this point in my life I am content. 


 I enjoy going to the cinema, watching comedy or horror films! I also like to cook and try different foods that I haven't tasted before. Dancing is a strong passion of mine, I would love to be able to break dance. You could say that I am a girl who likes her cars after all, I am the speed queen!

“Network Marketing is the Perfect Business… The richest people in the world look for and build networks everyone else looks for work”
"I believe network marketing gives people the opportunity to build up the passive income they need for support while they learn to become professional investors. Even if they have little money, they can still invest 'sweat equity' for five years and begin to generate more than enough passive income to begin investing...Many famous franchises cost a million dollars or more to buy. Network marketing is a like buying a personal franchise, often for less than $300."   
Robert Kiyosaki

A priceless concept that I learned over time was that to create financial freedom in my life I was going to require leverage. The poor and the middle class are separated from the wealthy by this one concept. The poor will learn how to use enough leverage just to get by in life. The middle class will wait until they can look at their life and say “Gee, I think I’m comfortable” and then stop adding leverage to their lives. But the wealthy will just keep going, adding more and more leverage throughout their lives to create more and more wealth. Wealthy people understand that creating wealth involves leveraging their time and money. And that’s why they have a lot of poor and middle class working for them.

But what is leverage, really?
Well, my thesaurus says it's: influence/ power. Simply put-leverage is doing more and more with less and less.

But less of what? Less time, less effort, less energy, less worry, less investment. More of what? More income, more results, more value, more free time. If you're currently trading your TIME for MONEY, you can only exchange about 14-15 hours a day and only earn so much (and you're literally selling your life-exactly what I felt I was doing). But if you can LEVERAGE time and have “systems” set up that run on their own, there's virtually no limit to how much you can earn. So...the true secret to living an abundant life is not to get a great job and constantly sit exams, but to learn how to leverage your life. This has obviously been made more and more possible by having the internet at our finger tips... Now there are certain forms of leverage that most people have absolutely no clue about. These are only used by a very small majority of every society who use it to live a life of abundance. class="style13">  

The funny thing is, the ones that don’t know about this kind of leverage are taught to believe that these things are “too risky”! Ironically, that's exactly why they never become wealthy themselves.

     “If you think you can or you think you can’t

          you’re probably right." Henry Ford 

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Best wishes and see you at the top


Mehak Naheem

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